2021, Jan 20

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Problem statement

  1. Finding the best products has never been easy. It is widely based on the product reviews which often are not fact-based.
  2. Analyzing scattered unstructured information in the form of product reviews takes a lot of time.
  3. Product reviews on the internet represent editor's opinion and do not consider the opinion of a significant consumer population.

Our solution

  1. Kloodo is a social media service designed to enable data-driven information discovery and thereby making the product selection easy and fact-based.
  2. The product features are presented in the form of easy visualizations.
  3. Data is contributed and rated by the consumers. A highly rated product represents the opinion of a significant consumer population.

Behind the scenes

Kloodo platform is powered by data analytics and artificial intelligence. Community product reviews in the form of unstructured data are converted into visualizations using the modern technologies.